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How to connect SULU FormBundle to SMTP email?

Most content management systems (CMS) offer the possibility to set up the e-mail configuration to use SMTP instead of the PHP mail function. We could not find anything in the docs about either SMTP or the PHP mail function. How is the problem solved in Sulu?

Emails are handled in Sulu over Symfony. Currently it uses the swiftmailer package and so SwiftmailerBundle which you configure in your .env files (normally .env.local) via the MAILER_URL:


See also https://symfony.com/doc/4.4/reference/configuration/swiftmailer.html#transport

What the near future holds

In the next minor release SULU will switch to the Symfony Mailer instead of Swiftmailer. Also there a MAILER_DSN will exist to configure how you want to send the emails.


Wie versende ich eine Mail über das FormBundle im Sulu?

  • FormBundle installieren
  • Eintrag SMTP URL in der .env prüfen